babycare Created “Stunning” Christmas Carnival Jointly With American-Sino OB/GYN/ Pediatrics Hospital, Shanghai

Christmas, a romantic as well as affectionate festival, delivers parents’ love and care to children and let children get to know how to share with and take care of other people.

On Dec 16th, in order to let babies get better appreciation on love and sharing, babycare launched 2018 Christmas Parent-Child Carnival with concerted efforts of American-Sino OB/GYN/ Pediatrics Hospital, Shanghai, a happy travel for babies to explore the beauty of life.

babycare, one of the co-sponsors, also provided incredibly “stunning” luxurious gifts for the carnival where babies enjoy themselves to the fullness and return home fully loaded.


The garden party officially lifted the curtain at 10:00 a.m. and attracted more than 100 families to join in. Concerted efforts of every child and their parents brought about personally made Christmas music box, Christmas decoration, Thomas biscuits and handmade soap DIY. Their personally made favourite pictures and shapes will develop children’s patience and carefulness and moreover, they can fully harness their imagination to create what they think in the head.  


The following Christmas bazaar interaction game gave a chance to every child to randomly select three stickers on the theme of environmental protection and then they can get sweet gifts prepared by babycare if they collect all stickers with different images. Harmonious fun and joy delivered the awareness on environmental protection of caring the nature and protecting the environment, coupled with development of their sharing and communication ability.  


Specialized in obstetrics & gynecology and pediatric services, American-Sino OB/GYN/ Pediatrics Hospital, Shanghai, where each and every mother-to-be can select a private doctor as their own doctor in charge, remains safe and reliable for all mother-to-be based on strict compliance with American medical standard during progestation, childbirth and puerperium.

In 2018, babycare expanded its business from infant & children transportation and feeding to an all-round categories and services including pregnancy & gynecology and personal care products. Remaining committed to the development idea “nursery+designer”, babycare has collected global high-end raw material supply chain and advanced scientific achievements in order to manufacture excellent products featuring “stunning, good quality and high security”; and at same time much more arduous efforts are made to accelerate multi-channel cooperation and offline and online retails.


In 2018, babycare conducted all-round and in-depth cooperation in brand and market and provided high-end products and services for tens of thousands of mothers with such domestic high-end mother-baby care institution as American-Sino OB/GYN/ Pediatrics Hospital, Hangzhou; American-Sino OB/GYN/ Pediatrics Hospital, Shanghai and Chongqing and Fuzhou Yingyuege Mother-baby Care Center. In 2019, babycare will spare no efforts to initiate a one-stop mother-child era with more professional caring institutions, marked by experience- service - consumption and progestation, childbirth and puerperium.

Children are the heroes of parents. babycare will join in all parents to protect each and every angel and accompany them for a healthy and happy growing.