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American Designer

Focus on baby product design for 30 years and adhere to the American design concepts - convenient, fashionable, innovative.

Finish design for more than 100 products for many world-renowned brands including Disney. 

From baby bottles to dining chairs, from strollers to toys, Larry's design is always there, accompanying the healthy growth of every baby through bringing joy into every family.

8-knot design

马场先生, a famous Japanese home product designer

He has been serving large home furnishing stores and famous home furnishing brands in Japan for more than 30 years and his design products have won the honor of domestic design in Japan for many times.

babycare partners with the Japanese design studio 8-knot design to have developed a new children's thermos cup for 2018 from the perspective of child safety and convenience.

Oliver Boughton

Oliver Boughton, a member of Health and Safety Commission

Bachelor of internal and external general medicine, bachelor of clinical medicine, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

Dean and registered dean of trauma and orthopedic surgery, London

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Fine Materials
Angled Anti-colic Bottle
Angled Anti-colic Bottle

Bubble-free Truly Anti-colic

Patented Double Anti-colic Effects for Bubble-free Bottle-feeding

Pacifier as Soft as Skin, Ultimate Simulation of Breastfeeding

Baby Wipes
Baby Wipes

Food-grade Wipes

Extracted from Natural Plants     

100% Biodegradable

7-level Purification for Infinite Purity

Premium Stroller
Premium Stroller

Exceeds GB by 12.5 Times

First-class EC Protection

First Class Seat for an Ultra-stable Experience

Free Decompression Baby Carrier
Free Decompression Baby Carrier

Breathable mesh, lightweight, breathable and flexible

Integrated with a thinner and lighter hyperbolic belly protection waist stool core

Create an ultimate lightweight and comfortable travel experience

Royal Diapers
Royal Diapers

Selected from the best materials globally

BASF instant suction core from Germany, Lycra elastic waistband from the U.S.

3M waist patches from the U.S. and Henkel urine display reminders from Germany

Take care of baby butts in every great detail to prevent from diaper rash

Colonia Multi-function Crib
Colonia Multi-function Crib

Selected 50-year fine birch from top production areas across the world, sturdy and more durable

Kiln-dried for 360 hours for higher durability; polished for 1000+ times to give a fine and burr-free touch

0 paint, ready for use as soon as it is assembled

An ingeniously crafted and comfortable baby crib

Supply Chain
Voice of Parents
Guo Nanxi
Travel Influencer
I've been taking Manta on trips at least a couple of times every year since she turned 1 year old. From the first time she fell down, cried and looked at me with tears, to being the camping master, nature has inspired her in a subtle way.
Moxie's Meow and Woof
Pet Blogger
Some people say, you can’t have both a baby and a pet; it's not good for either of them. Since I brought Wangcai and Lai Fu back, the house has been bustling with liveliness. I'm not trying to control the baby. Instead, I let my baby learn to get along, eat, sleep, and play with pets. It is really a lovely and loving picture.
Gina · Alice
Many people say that having a good night’s sleep would be a wild wish when you had children. But I don't think so. I think only when the mother sleeps well can she take good care of the baby and give them positive influence. That is why I looked up scientific methods. Now, both my baby and I enjoy a good night's sleep.
Re Yizha
I believe that a child is a mirror to ourselves. From the child, we learn to be mindful of our own words and actions. For example, whenever I say something blunt to my child, I can immediately see the expressions change on his face. I will then reflect on myself at that moment. Sometimes, my child is actually my mentor.
Wang Shengxian
People say that the success of a straight A student lies in an early start. In fact, I notice that children learn by playing most of time. The more they play, the faster they learn. I've been taking my 6-month-old baby to experience all kinds of games and explore different cities. I believe the best education is to let children unleash their natural instincts and grow through playing.
Fitness Blogger
Many people may think that men working in fitness are careless and less reliable in childcare. But since my son was born, I’ve been taking care of everything I knew nothing of, including changing diapers, feeding him and putting him to sleep. I didn't realize I could be so gentle and caring. Now, I enjoy looking after my little boy.