Create a new era of maternal and child services

By now, babycare has reached strategic cooperation with several institutions related to maternal and child care and provides parenting services for mothers and baby consumers through products, activities, professional guidance, parenting knowledge and other ways so that mummies will no longer be troubled. 

Cooperation Unit
  • Cooperation Unit
  • Cooperation Unit
  • Cooperation Unit
  • Cooperation Unit
Contact Method
Gift Purchase and Sale
babycare provides gift purchasing services to meet customers' personalized needs.
Gift Purchase and Sale: jack@xier-inc.com
Types of Gift Demand:
Promotion Gift
Promotion Gift
Business Gift
Business Gift
Welfare Gift
Welfare Gift
Provide reasonable customer-made schemes for large-scaled collective purchase projects。
customer-made schemes for large-scaled collective purchase projects
Institutions under Cooperation:
Service Process:
Customer Demand Customer Demand
Scheme Planning Scheme Planning
Sample Confirmation Sample Confirmation
Massive Production Massive Production
Quality Inspection Quality Inspection
Logistics Delivery Logistics Delivery
After-sales Service After-sales Service
Offline Franchise
babycare Franchise Conditions:

1. Companies or individuals with terminal expansion, promotion and operation capabilities;

2. Have the passion of pioneering and innovation, the faith of winning and the strong dedication to work;

3.Be able to view risk correctly, have strong social activity ability, have good and standard management thought and experience;

4.Identify with the company's business philosophy and marketing strategy;

5.Have strong brand awareness and long-term development vision;

6. Be willing to accept the company's price system, after-sales service standards, channels and regional protection and other market policies.

Contact Methods:

Mobile: 17521165674

Email: jiameng@babycare-inc.com

babycare Franchise Support:

1.Ensure franchisee's channel business interests in the franchised store within the authorized territory;

2. Professional enterprise after-sales service, maintain your sales from worries and promote sales;

3. Provide "nanny-type" sales service, introduce international advanced management mode and advanced retail management system and improve customer management ability;

4. New product launch information, promotional activities, business personnel’s tracking services and timeliness of content update of the company's website support system;

5. The company provides franchisees with product expertise and sales skills training, industry knowledge and excellent team building training;

6. A favorable price for you.