babycare shows up in Shanghai CBME and becomes a web-famous place to mark

The 18th CBME (China Baby Maternity Exposition) was held in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center on July 25.

As a new comer in this industry, babycare is also a “phenomenal” brand favored by tens of millions of mus in recent years. Its debut in the high-end exhibition in this industry with the dreamlike “angel house” lightened up the whole venue instantly.


The great popularity makes it the web-famous place to mark and take photos in this event.


The simple design style in elegant white exhibits the pure and fresh, making visitors feel like having entered a dreamlike, pure but static cell, calming their temper.

The products of advanced colour collocation are displayed among them, just like the Picasso’s colors being painted on the walls of Tadao Ando, making white fantasy exhibit rainbow colors.

You will see the colorful logo of “babycare” created by children’s building blocks after entering the gate and various products keep appearing in front of you including babycare travel supplies, auxiliary feeding supplies, household appliances, developmental toys and many other star products, web-famous products and latest products.


The dreamlike but extremely simple hall, the product standard of “high appearance”, “high quality” and “high safety”, word of mouth and the trustworthy user experience make babycare win consultation and high praise among so many visitors and offline dealers in the exhibition period.

babycare new product launch summer shows up

babycare new product launch, summer 2018 themed as “We Are Coming” was held in the most famous Bellagio Hotel in Shanghai in the evening of 26th and this event brought the exhibition to a climax.


Outside the hotel was a beautiful view of The Bund and inside the hotel were the numerous stars. babycare invited senior executives of Chinese and American online and offline brands, senior designers from Japan, emotional management experts from Taiwan, general manager of Tmall FMCG marketing and other heavyweights at home and abroad, and also hundreds of sales personnel fighting in the front line, and presented a unique visual feast.


About the creative design of the new product launch: an arched door frame composed of the giant electronic screen made visitors see the colorful product animation by lifting their heads, the romantic cherry tree standing in the center and the product display platform made of marbles made each product look mysterious and exalted with the support of the lights.


The venue was crowded. Experts and designers on the center of the stage were sharing the ideas and concepts behind the products, quite thought-provoking. Dr. Zhang Yijun's explanation on the emotional experience of products perfectly illustrated the brand care of babycare.


As the strategic new product for 2018, babycare weak acid diaper, with the super real and shockingly beautiful appearance of holographic projection, exhibited the design concept of extreme innovation and the display of its professional and considerate functions won babycare the applause and brought additional credit to the exhibition.


The event of new product launch embraced the happy ending after the end of award ceremony and dinner.It was definitely an exciting and uplifting night for babycare. We also believe that as the dark horse and emerging force in this industry, both our appearance in the exhibition and high profile in the new product launch were undoubtedly a significant and landmark stroke for babycare.

Expected future and unstoppable babycare

In the future, babycare will still adhere to the original idea of "making products as a parent" by integrating the world's most cutting-edge new sciences and technologies and applying them to product innovation, aiming to bring more healthy, more comfortable and more reassuring products to Chinese babies and create a happy life for millions of families.

“Who Cares?babycare!” We hope to work with you to stick to the new ideas, create new consumer trends and lead the mother and baby industry to new ideas and fashion. As the emerging force, babycare is unstoppable!

We Are Coming!